SEG Publishes Its Q2 2012 Software Industry Financial Report

SaaS M&A Valuations Soar to New Post Recession High, as Software and Internet Exit Multiples Decline; SaaS Revenue Growth Accelerates, but Public SaaS Market Valuations Soften; IPO Market Traumatized, but Some New Stars Shine Brightly

Software Equity Group’s complimentary 2Q12 Software Industry Financial Report is now available for download. Our 2Q12 Report provides the facts, data and insight you need to keep your finger on the software industry’s pulse. We’ve assessed how public software, Internet and SaaS companies performed in Q2; how they’ve performed amid the current macro environment and technological disruptions driven by mobile and cloud computing and how their stock prices and market valuations have responded. Our 2Q12 Report also enumerates and analyzes the software IPOs through 2012 and measures M&A deal volume and exit valuations overall and by software product category.

Report Highlights:

  • 59 SaaS companies were acquired in 2Q12, accounting for 14% of all software transactions and up from 8% only two years ago. The SaaS median exit multiple reached a new high. What SaaS product categories are on fire?
  • 2Q12’s median EV/Revenue exit multiple was 1.7x for traditional, on-premise software companies, but the median only tells part of the story. How many of these transactions achieved exit multiples above 5.0x?
  • Internet M&A transactions in 2Q12 increased a whopping 37% YoY. What Internet product categories are leading the charge and why?
  • What product category achieved a median 7.5x EV/Revenue exit multiple and why?
  • Which on-premise software product category accounted for nearly 23% of all software M&A deals in Q2, fetching a median EV/Revenue exit multiple of 2.8x?
  • Are the public markets rewarding revenue growth over EBITDA margin in this macro environment? Our analysis paints a clear picture of what investors demand today from public software companies.
  • The TTM revenue growth rates of public SaaS companies grew for the sixth consecutive quarter in 2Q12. How are SaaS companies investing to fuel this growth, and what’s the EBITDA impact?
  • What IPO shot up over 100% on its first trading day in the second quarter? What others managed to achieve YTD returns in excess of 30% despite lackluster stock returns of the broader index?

Software Equity Group’s Quarterly and Monthly Reports are widely recognized as the best way to keep your finger on the financial pulse of the software industry. As testament, our reports are now read and relied upon by more than twenty thousand software industry executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, private equity investors and professional advisors in 72 countries around the globe. Shouldn’t you know what they know?

To obtain your complimentary copy, please visit:


Kris Beible
Director, Business Development

About Our Firm
Software Equity Group is an investment bank and M&A advisory serving the software and technology sectors.  Founded in 1992, our firm has guided and advised companies on five continents, including privately-held software and technology companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and Israel.  We have represented public companies listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE, American, Toronto, London and Euronext exchanges.  Software Equity Group also advises several of the world’s leading private equity firms.  We have been ranked among the top ten investment banks worldwide for application software mergers and acquisitions.

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